In 1989, Mr Kent co founded Glenridge Construction and Dev. Corp. with the goal of running a truly professional construction company. Many of the projects shown are from that collaboration. Since late 1997 Mr. Kent left Glenridge to form his own company, Michael J. Kent, Inc. By aspiring to higher standards, they have succeeded in an incredibly competitive industry.

Michael J. Kent, AIA

Since graduating with a Master's of Architecture from the University of Michigan, Mr. Kent has worked continuously as an architect and builder. He was a project architect on numerous large commercial ventures, including the UCLA Ambulatory Care Center and the Long Beach World Trade Center. In addition, Mr. Kent has over 15 years' experience in residential design and construction. His personal interest has been to integrate computers into the MJK design and building process. He is a member of AIA, ICBO, and has served as an expert witness.

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