Feasibility Studies

Starting a construction project can vary from a simple appointment at the building permit office -- to complex public hearings on environmental impact. MJK provides the resources to help you determine the feasibility of your potential project. Critical issues can be spotted in the planning phase, thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

  • Scope, quality, schedule, and budget
  • Site planning
  • Building and Zoning/Planning approvals
  • Financing
  • Overall vision

MJK can assist in all of these issues to help determine the viability of a project from the start.

Preliminary Cost Estimates

The preliminary cost estimate is one of the most important aspects of the project. Since it is the first projection of costs, it becomes the statement that everyone remembers. MJK recognizes this commitment and carefully considers all direct and indirect costs to ensure a successful outcome.

Critical Path Method Schedule

A Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule is more than a timeline of events. A CPM Schedule is a complete project plan that shows how the individual tasks are interconnected. From this schedule, MJK can make quick determinations of the relative significance of each event, and set up the optimum sequence and duration for construction. MJK has the technical skill to produce comprehensive CPM Schedules, and the practical expertise to use them to their fullest advantage.


The Design/Build Process

As our world becomes a faster pace, the traditional design/bid/build process can chip away at already constrained budgets. Experienced builders and knowledgeable homeowners have found the Design/Build process an effective way to save both time and money.

The traditional process allows the Architect and a team of Engineers to design a project, produce an elaborate set of working drawings, send the drawings the documents to bid, and hopefully receive a qualified contractor within the budget. Commonly known cost-per-square foot estimates are used to establish a base budget. The Design/Build process then works on a fixed budget, fixed fee percentages, and usually in a very short time frame.

Decisions are resolved concurrently with the building of the project. Critical Path Method scheduling, value engineering, and preliminary cost estimating are involved from the start. While the Permit Set of Drawings are in the Building and Safety Plan Check Department, refinements to the design are made. As the construction is progressing, material selections based on price and availability are accomplished. The Owner has the most flexibility for changes with the Design/Build process. The Design/Build approach minimizes the potential for conflicts between the Owner, Architect, Engineer, or Contractor for not having thought through every detail or material selection. A single source of responsibility is established for not only bringing the project in on time and on budget, but for warranty issues as well.

Whether MJK completes the design in-house or teams with one of the talented local architects, MJK has been able to ensure quality and craftsmanship on the project from start to finish.

We have a number of clients who are thrilled with the results of the Design/Build process. Send us an E-mail and to discuss the possibilities.


Foundation Bolting

Southern California has one of the most active seismic faults in the United States and foundation damage is one of the most difficult and costly earthquake repairs. MJK has added foundation bolting services to help our clients minimize the damage that can occur during an earthquake.

Research has shown that wood structures that are properly reinforced with metal connectors will suffer less damage than unreinforced structures. We use the high quality Simpson Strong Tie retrofit connector system to bolt down structures. Installing this bolting system takes just one to two days.



MJK offers financing for all their projects through Greentree Financial. We are an approved General Contractor with Greentree Financial. In most cases, your loan can be approved in as little as eight hours. We handle all the paper work, thereby eliminating loan brokers and costly points. Funding can be in a matter of a few short weeks

Plan Expediting

MJK can assist other architects, engineers and property owners in expediting plans through plan check. We can expedite the following:

  • Building permits
  • Planning clearances
  • Zoning clearances
  • Public hearings
  • Environmental issues