MJK prides itself on our full range of services that we can provide to homeowners, from speaking the same language as the architect to minute attention to details, MJK sets itself apart from the competition.




The kitchen is the room likely to define the quality of the entire house. MJK takes special to coordinate all of the intricate details to please the most discriminating aspiring gourmet.


Remodels can be the most challenging of all projects. Tenacious searches for the tile that matches "just right" to existing tile are only one of the many tasks we provide as a standard service.

First & Second Story Additions

Imagine trying to build a new floor tied to existing floors that is out of level by more than inch! This is just one of the many challenges MJK has developed expert procedures to ensure a first class job. Our aim is to make every addition appear as if it were part of the original house


MJK approaches the building of bathroom as a ritual. We have developed checklists to ensure complete coordination of all elements, from the sink to the shower.

Other Interior Spaces

Home offices, wine cellars, billiard rooms, entertainment rooms, music rooms, green houses, just to name a few, are the spaces MJK thoroughly enjoys creating for inspired clients


Earthquake Repair

Since the 1994 Northridge earthquake, MJK has assisted dozens of homeowners and condo associations to reconstruct their buildings. To assist with insurance repairs, we maintain a database compiled from all the major insurance companies in Southern California. The database allows us to provide adjusters with estimates in their company's format. This speeds the resolution of all types of claims: earthquake, fire, wind, and theft damage to structures

In House Design

The MJK approach emphasizes that an architect is actively involved in building your project. To meet this challenge, MJK has made great efforts to maintain our in-house architectural services. Most projects can be completed with our own resources; larger projects can be accomplished as a joint venture or possibly a Design/Build. Each project is undertaken as a unique venture, requiring its own special attention.

Under the MJK approach, the architect is aware of day to day construction operations and is available to give direction, as well as get updates. This is important because building codes are interpreted on a daily basis in the field.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAPABILITY

Mr. Kent's extensive background in CAD for over 15 years has led MJK to form a separate CAD department. Utilizing AutoCAD and CADSoft on Pentium platforms, MJK provides CAD and plotting services to architects in addition to clients. MJK utilizes a Computer Aid Design process that develops an electronic three dimensional model of the project. This means changes to the floor plans are automatically made to the building elevations and sections. This saves clients money by ensuring changes are implemented throughout the project documents.

Record Drawings

Without an accurate plan of existing conditions, how is an Owner to understand the new design? Record drawings are the first step in design process. MJK has the resources to quickly document existing site conditions and provide the information in an AutoCAD format for Architect's or Consultant's use.

Consultant Coordination

We often find outside Architects are not given the budget to extensively coordinate consultants work into the final design. Building codes are interpreted on a daily basis in the field, but have a problem making it back to the Architect's office. One of MJK best practices is to coordinate the work of the Consultants into the Architect's concept to achieve the desired results. We have witnessed some of the best Architect's work destroyed by other contractors lack of foresight and ability to interpret what the Architect was thinking.